Microsoft recently announced that the Microsoft Graph API for Microsoft Teams live events will be terminated for commercial customers. The reason for this is that Microsoft will be focussing on the Townhall functionality in the future. This is more or less the replacement for Live Events. Users who still use this API have until spring […]

Microsoft is becoming more and more a telephony provider. With the possibility of building a call centre with native tools (i.e. without 3rd party tools), Microsoft has taken another big step towards playing in the top 3 league of telephony solutions. Microsoft Teams has been offering the possibility to build call center solutions for some […]

Depending on the tenant configuration, there may be problems with the rollout of Team Certified phones. Here is a solution: Teams Certified phones can be rolled out in different ways. These rollouts generally work very well. If not, however, troubleshooting can become a considerable challenge. When a company plans a rollout, there are several points […]

In this article I would like to return to an old series. It’s about PowerShell commands that we should all know. The commands we are looking at today are all for Microsoft 365 and its services.   1. Connect with SDK (and the needed permissions) As already known, Microsoft will soon withdraw the Azure AD […]

This script is for the following use case: An administrator needs to add multiple users from an organisation to an Azure AD group. This can be done in different ways. On the one hand in the Azure Admin Portal or via Powershell.   In my variant, I have created a script that can massively simplify […]

Some time ago, one of my customers had the problem that after his environment was migrated to the cloud (hybrid with Microsoft 365), some users had sporadic logon problems with Microsoft 365 services. The phenomena can be described as follows: Users can log on to Microsoft 365 Services via the browser without any problems (everything […]

My daily work with Microsoft 365 includes not only Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice (or Microsoft Teams Phone as it is properly called), but also other aspects such as Exchange online, SharePoint migrations, data classification and so on. Another important part is the backup of data that has been migrated to the Microsoft Cloud in the […]

Microsoft is currently working on a major update for the Microsoft Teams Client for Windows. Microsoft Teams is increasingly becoming the central interface for daily work. Be it for chat functionality, collaboration or telephony. Despite all the advantages that Microsoft Teams brings with it, it is also known that the Teams client is a performance […]

After we have dealt with the various roles and capabilities of Microsoft Teams in the article Designate Teams admin roles, today we will look at the overview of add-on licences for Microsoft Teams. Depending on the desired functionality in Microsoft Teams, with a focus on Enterprise Voice, corresponding add-on licences are required. Of course, how […]

In this article I would like to take a closer look at the different Microsoft Teams Admin roles.   My experience on the “Battlefield” is that during the project phase or shortly afterwards, the question always comes up: “What authorisation do I have to assign to the various support organisations? It is important to consider […]