Not every company uses Microsoft Intune or System Center, but this does not mean that tools such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint cannot be used. Only the distribution of the corresponding onboarding packages is not necessarily as simple as when, for example, Microsoft Intune is in use. Many tasks have to be done manually. To […]

In this article I describe another small script that should simplify the daily work with Microsoft Intune. This is about the topic of share mapping. For this purpose I have created a script where certain configurations can be made. After this script has run successfully, we get a small PS1 file as output, which we […]



MS Intune, PowerShell

This article is a follow-up article based on my article “Microsoft Intune Automatization Script“. In this article, I introduce you to another script on the topic of Microsoft Intune and explain it to you here. This time it’s about deploying various applications which can then be used for the Endpoint Manager. I wrote this script […]

I am currently working on a new project involving the integration and configuration of Microsoft Intune in a hybrid environment. Since there are always the same tasks in this scenario, I have now written a PowerShell script that processes the most important recurring tasks. This way I can ensure that certain configurations are standardized for […]

In the first parts of the series “.NET Assemblies In PowerShell”, I wrote about managing existing Active Directory groups and user accounts without the PowerShell ActiveDirectory module. This time, I will show you how you can create new Active Directory objects with PowerShell by using the namespace System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement. This namespace is available on any Windows […]

Alles, was Sie als Admin über Office 365 wissen müssen Anbindung Ihrer IT an die Office 365-Cloud Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business Online, Azure Rights Management Praxiswissen zu Active Directory, PowerShell, Lizenzen u.v.m. Das Standardwerk für die Administration von Office 365. Mit den erprobten Anleitungen und dem fundierten Fachwissen dieses Handbuchs administrieren Sie die Daten […]

  Unfortunately Microsoft is about to retire the Technet Gallery. For me this gallery was a fantastic repository to look for scripts which can help me in my daily work. Over the years the Technet Gallery has accumulated an incredible amount of scripts.     I also make my own scripts available to the community […]




Prolog Recently, I have been getting inquiries from customers, who have the following scenario: The environment was originally an on-premises infrastructure. Then the customers have decided to switch to Office 365 and implemented this step as follow:   The AAD was configured to sync the user accounts to the cloud, but without the Exchange attributes.  […]