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Drago Petrovic

Principal Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect
Microsoft MVP | M365 Apps & Services

Drago has been working in IT for well over 20 years.

His focus is on Microsoft 365 topics such as Microsoft Exchange (online), Microsoft Teams (especially Teams Enterprise Voice), PowerShell, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Intune, and much more.

In addition, Drago is also a computer science teacher at universities, as well as giving courses and talks on Microsoft 365, cloud security, data classification, and message encryption/signing.

Drago was awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award in 2019 for his expertise and community work. He is now in his 5th year of holding this award.

“The community is very important to me, I have been able to benefit from the community countless times when I have had problems. Therefore, it goes without saying that I would also like to make my contribution.”

Drago Petrovic

Dominic Manning

Senior System Engineer

Hello, my name is Dominic.

I live in Germany while my roots are in the US.
I work in the IT since about 15 years, now.

I worked in quite a few filde, until now.
From administrating Citrix XenApp and ThinClients through NTFS permission management, Microsoft Exchange / Exchange online to Microsoft 365, Azure and Microsoft Intune.

Since some time my main focus is set to IAM solutions.

I’m working for a Swiss IT service provider with more than 300 employees. My main focus has always been on automating things that are worth it.
(found a lot which are ;-)).

For this, I prefer using PowerShell. Although most of my PowerShell skills came by self-study, I also took some training, like the “PowerShell for IT Professional” at Microsoft Switzerland.

One of my recent projects was to build a software for the centralized management of folder permissions of Exchang an EXO mailboxes, based on EWS and PowerShell, which is now used by our hotline.

Dominic Manning