Microsoft has announced that the Office 365 Portal will introduced in the new Microsoft 365 admin center. The new admin center will be generally released in the end of July.


Admins previously using the Office 365 admin center to manage Office 365 will now use the Microsoft 365 admin Center. The Microsoft 365 admin center is now the central location for managing and monitoring applications, services, data, devices, and users across the deployment. The Microsoft 365 admin center experience is very similar to the Office 365 admin center. The navigation is the same, and we have the same granularity of control over our environment.

As we add new apps and services like device management, those will light up now in our left navigation pane. Most importantly, new we will receive all the latest admin center updates and features as they become available. There will be no change to our existing Office 365 subscription or billing.


As written in the beginning, the general availability of the new admin center will be at the end of July. However, if you want to use the new admin center already now, you can access your new admin center experience by navigating your web browser to If you’ve previously created bookmarks for the Office 365 admin center or any of the specialty admin centers, those will continue to work.

The new Microsoft 365 admin center


Integrated into this admin center is both the new Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center, dedicated to providing security and compliance specialists with integrated management capabilities across Office 365, Windows, and EMS, as well as Microsoft 365 Device Management, dedicated to providing integrated device management capabilities across Intune, Office, and Windows. The Security and Compliance Center will be available shortly, with Device Management to follow afterwards. Please look forward to additional details.