PowerShell on Samsung Galaxy and iPhone? PowerShell Web Access is a new Windows Server Feature. It provides a web-based PowerShell Console. After installing, you can access PowerShell from any device, even from your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.

The setup is a three step process:

  1. Installing PowerShell Web Access (and its sub-features)
  2. Installing the certificate
  3. Configuring access rules

Installing PowerShell Web Access

Run the following One-Liner to install PowerShell Web Access on Windows Server 2012 or 2016.

Install-Windowsfeature WindowsPowerShellWebaccess -IncludeManagementTools


No restart needed. We can move on.

Installing the certificate

Install-PswaWebApplication -UseTestCertificate


Don´t use a test certificate in a real environment.

Configuring Access Rules

Add-PswaAuthorizationRule -UserName * -ComputerName * -ConfigurationName *


* means access from any user and computer. In this article i keep it simple. In a real environment i recommend to restrict access allowing only trusthworty users to access PowerShell Web Access.

PowerShell Web Access in Action

Now open a web browser and type



Provide username, password, and computer name (PowerShell Web Access can act as a gateway for other hosts, therefore you have to provide a computername). For remote access localhost must be replaced by the computername or domainname.


Test successful!