If you’re administrating an Exchange organisation there are different ways to do it.

The simple way is to use the webbrowser for the ECP.

But what about PowerShell?

The most common ways are to connect remotley to the Exchange server and then start the Exchange Management Shell or to use the Import-PSSession cmdlet to use Exchange PoSH commands on your local computer:

$UserCredential = Get-Credential

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri http://SERVER.contoso.com/PowerShell/ -Authentication Kerberos -Credential $UserCredential

Import-PSSession $Session

This way works good and is recommended to manage remote Exchange servers!


But if your working with a domain joined client and are administrating your company’s Exchange organization, why not install the Exchange Management console on your local client?

This is very easy! Here are the steps how to do this:


On your client computer open a PowerShell console with administrative rights.

After that run the following command:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName IIS-ManagementScriptingTools,IIS-ManagementScriptingTools,IIS-IIS6ManagementCompatibility,IIS-LegacySnapIn,IIS-ManagementConsole,IIS-Metabase,IIS-WebServerManagementTools,IIS-WebServerRole

With this command, your install the neccessary Windows features for the Exchange tools.

A reboot is not needed after installing the Windows Features.

Now you have to mount the Exchange .iso file for the next steps.

After mounting the exchange ISO, you need to open the command prompt (CMD) also with administrative privileges.

Then you change to the mounted ISO file. (In my case it is the E:\ drive).

cd e:

and run the following command:

E:\>setup /mode:install /role:managementtools /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

With this command, the installation of the Exchange management tools will be done.

After finishing it, you have all tools needed, to manage your Organization’s Exchange directly from your local computer.


Please note! This works ONLYwithin your own Organization!




Photo by Zhang JR on Unsplash