By using Office 365 you are syncing your local Active Directory with Azure AD which is comming together on Office 365.
For best practise of Microsoft the way to sync the informations we should use AADConnect.


Office 365 creates new users automaticaly with Default Language settings of O365 Tenant. For multi Language companies this can become a problem.
An Administrator or the User by itself needs to edit the Language settings for each user who do not work with the Tennant’s default Language.
In some cases this can be very dificult, if for example the Letters are Cyrilic, or Japanese instead of Latinic.


There is an easy way to prevent this issue:
Lets make an example how to prevent this problem…


We have a company whicj is named Contoso Ltd.
The Company’s locations are in Switzerland (DE), London (EN) and Moscow (RU)
The Tenant Language of the Company is set to english.

A new user joins the company in London office. The HR creates a new User object in the Active Directory called “User01”. The AADConnect is setted up to run every 60min a sync form the local AD to the Azure AD.
Because the default Language settings of the O365 Tenant is english, the user01 will also get his O365 profile in english. This is good so far if the User’s native language is English.

The User01 is not the only new employee who starts his job in the company. For the Office in Moscow ther is also a new worker, but he do not speaks or understands english.
The HR creates for this employee also a User object called “User02” and this account will also be synced to the O365 Cloud. Everything runs identical like by the User01, the Language settings will be set to english.
But as we know, the User02 don’t speaks or understands english at all.
To prevent problems or support Tickets you have to edit by creating a new user in the Active Directory the Default AD-Attribut “PreferredLanguage”.
If you fill in this Attribut with the right “CultureCode” or “Language Culture Name”, Office 365 will be able, to set the right default Language for the specific user.

(The table with the „Language Culture Name“ and „Culture Code“ I will present in the end of this article.)

If you have a multi Language organisation, I highly recommend you always to maintain this field. This ensures that everyone in the Office 365 has the correct language settings.
Attention: In this case is Not included:

Outlook Online (OWA):

Here every user will be asked after the very first start which Language he would like to use.


Unfortunately, the O365 profile attribute “Location” can not be controlled by On-Prem. The AD attribute “localeID” has no effect on the profile settings. This can be set up by means of a script.





Table for “Language Culture Name” and “Culture Code”

Language Culture Name Display Name Culture Code ISO 639x Value
af-ZA Afrikaans – South Africa 0x0436 AFK
sq-AL Albanian – Albania 0x041C SQI
ar-DZ Arabic – Algeria 0x1401 ARG
ar-BH Arabic – Bahrain 0x3C01 ARH
ar-EG Arabic – Egypt 0x0C01 ARE
ar-IQ Arabic – Iraq 0x0801 ARI
ar-JO Arabic – Jordan 0x2C01 ARJ
ar-KW Arabic – Kuwait 0x3401 ARK
ar-LB Arabic – Lebanon 0x3001 ARB
ar-LY Arabic – Libya 0x1001 ARL
ar-MA Arabic – Morocco 0x1801 ARM
ar-OM Arabic – Oman 0x2001 ARO
ar-QA Arabic – Qatar 0x4001 ARQ
ar-SA Arabic – Saudi Arabia 0x0401 ARA
ar-SY Arabic – Syria 0x2801 ARS
ar-TN Arabic – Tunisia 0x1C01 ART
ar-AE Arabic – United Arab Emirates 0x3801 ARU
ar-YE Arabic – Yemen 0x2401 ARY
hy-AM Armenian – Armenia 0x042B
Cy-az-AZ Azeri (Cyrillic) – Azerbaijan 0x082C
Lt-az-AZ Azeri (Latin) – Azerbaijan 0x042C
eu-ES Basque – Basque 0x042D EUQ
be-BY Belarusian – Belarus 0x0423 BEL
bg-BG Bulgarian – Bulgaria 0x0402 BGR
ca-ES Catalan – Catalan 0x0403 CAT
zh-CN Chinese – China 0x0804 CHS
zh-HK Chinese – Hong Kong SAR 0x0C04 ZHH
zh-MO Chinese – Macau SAR 0x1404
zh-SG Chinese – Singapore 0x1004 ZHI
zh-TW Chinese – Taiwan 0x0404 CHT
zh-CHS Chinese (Simplified) 0x0004
zh-CHT Chinese (Traditional) 0x7C04
hr-HR Croatian – Croatia 0x041A HRV
cs-CZ Czech – Czech Republic 0x0405 CSY
da-DK Danish – Denmark 0x0406 DAN
div-MV Dhivehi – Maldives 0x0465
nl-BE Dutch – Belgium 0x0813 NLB
nl-NL Dutch – The Netherlands 0x0413
en-AU English – Australia 0x0C09 ENA
en-BZ English – Belize 0x2809 ENL
en-CA English – Canada 0x1009 ENC
en-CB English – Caribbean 0x2409
en-IE English – Ireland 0x1809 ENI
en-JM English – Jamaica 0x2009 ENJ
en-NZ English – New Zealand 0x1409 ENZ
en-PH English – Philippines 0x3409
en-ZA English – South Africa 0x1C09 ENS
en-TT English – Trinidad and Tobago 0x2C09 ENT
en-GB English – United Kingdom 0x0809 ENG
en-US English – United States 0x0409 ENU
en-ZW English – Zimbabwe 0x3009
et-EE Estonian – Estonia 0x0425 ETI
fo-FO Faroese – Faroe Islands 0x0438 FOS
fa-IR Farsi – Iran 0x0429 FAR
fi-FI Finnish – Finland 0x040B FIN
fr-BE French – Belgium 0x080C FRB
fr-CA French – Canada 0x0C0C FRC
fr-FR French – France 0x040C
fr-LU French – Luxembourg 0x140C FRL
fr-MC French – Monaco 0x180C
fr-CH French – Switzerland 0x100C FRS
gl-ES Galician – Galician 0x0456
ka-GE Georgian – Georgia 0x0437
de-AT German – Austria 0x0C07 DEA
de-DE German – Germany 0x0407
de-LI German – Liechtenstein 0x1407 DEC
de-LU German – Luxembourg 0x1007 DEL
de-CH German – Switzerland 0x0807 DES
el-GR Greek – Greece 0x0408 ELL
gu-IN Gujarati – India 0x0447
he-IL Hebrew – Israel 0x040D HEB
hi-IN Hindi – India 0x0439 HIN
hu-HU Hungarian – Hungary 0x040E HUN
is-IS Icelandic – Iceland 0x040F ISL
id-ID Indonesian – Indonesia 0x0421
it-IT Italian – Italy 0x0410
it-CH Italian – Switzerland 0x0810 ITS
ja-JP Japanese – Japan 0x0411 JPN
kn-IN Kannada – India 0x044B
kk-KZ Kazakh – Kazakhstan 0x043F
kok-IN Konkani – India 0x0457
ko-KR Korean – Korea 0x0412 KOR
ky-KZ Kyrgyz – Kazakhstan 0x0440
lv-LV Latvian – Latvia 0x0426 LVI
lt-LT Lithuanian – Lithuania 0x0427 LTH
mk-MK Macedonian (FYROM) 0x042F MKD
ms-BN Malay – Brunei 0x083E
ms-MY Malay – Malaysia 0x043E
mr-IN Marathi – India 0x044E
mn-MN Mongolian – Mongolia 0x0450
nb-NO Norwegian (Bokmål) – Norway 0x0414
nn-NO Norwegian (Nynorsk) – Norway 0x0814
pl-PL Polish – Poland 0x0415 PLK
pt-BR Portuguese – Brazil 0x0416 PTB
pt-PT Portuguese – Portugal 0x0816
pa-IN Punjabi – India 0x0446
ro-RO Romanian – Romania 0x0418 ROM
ru-RU Russian – Russia 0x0419 RUS
sa-IN Sanskrit – India 0x044F
Cy-sr-SP Serbian (Cyrillic) – Serbia 0x0C1A
Lt-sr-SP Serbian (Latin) – Serbia 0x081A
sk-SK Slovak – Slovakia 0x041B SKY
sl-SI Slovenian – Slovenia 0x0424 SLV
es-AR Spanish – Argentina 0x2C0A ESS
es-BO Spanish – Bolivia 0x400A ESB
es-CL Spanish – Chile 0x340A ESL
es-CO Spanish – Colombia 0x240A ESO
es-CR Spanish – Costa Rica 0x140A ESC
es-DO Spanish – Dominican Republic 0x1C0A ESD
es-EC Spanish – Ecuador 0x300A ESF
es-SV Spanish – El Salvador 0x440A ESE
es-GT Spanish – Guatemala 0x100A ESG
es-HN Spanish – Honduras 0x480A ESH
es-MX Spanish – Mexico 0x080A ESM
es-NI Spanish – Nicaragua 0x4C0A ESI
es-PA Spanish – Panama 0x180A ESA
es-PY Spanish – Paraguay 0x3C0A ESZ
es-PE Spanish – Peru 0x280A ESR
es-PR Spanish – Puerto Rico 0x500A ES
es-ES Spanish – Spain 0x0C0A
es-UY Spanish – Uruguay 0x380A ESY
es-VE Spanish – Venezuela 0x200A ESV
sw-KE Swahili – Kenya 0x0441
sv-FI Swedish – Finland 0x081D SVF
sv-SE Swedish – Sweden 0x041D
syr-SY Syriac – Syria 0x045A
ta-IN Tamil – India 0x0449
tt-RU Tatar – Russia 0x0444
te-IN Telugu – India 0x044A
th-TH Thai – Thailand 0x041E THA
tr-TR Turkish – Turkey 0x041F TRK
uk-UA Ukrainian – Ukraine 0x0422 UKR
ur-PK Urdu – Pakistan 0x0420 URD
Cy-uz-UZ Uzbek (Cyrillic) – Uzbekistan 0x0843
Lt-uz-UZ Uzbek (Latin) – Uzbekistan 0x0443
vi-VN Vietnamese – Vietnam 0x042A VIT