Sometimes the simplest things need the most time to find out. There are many different versions of Exchange servers installed worldwide. Unfortunately not all of them are running with the newest updates. The reasons for that can be different.

Time by time, I as a Messaging Engineer have to troubleshoot, administer, or change things in customers Exchange environments. If the customer is a regular one, we usually have documentations about it. But at new customers this is unfortunately not always documented well.

Terry Munro has written and uploaded a bulk of scripts to Technet ,which help to create a quick documentation about Exchange servers.

I can recommend to you to have a look at them on Terry’s Microsoft Profile.

But sometimes we simply need just two information to be able to continue our work:

1st – Which version, including the build number is installed on the current Exchange server?

2nd – Which is the currently available version of Exchange server from Microsoft?

For the first question you can use the Exchange Management Shell and run the following command:

Get-ExchangeServer | select Name, AdminDisplayVersion

This shows you the basic needed information. To answer the 2nd question you just need the following Link:

Here you can compare the currently available versions from Microsoft and the version you have installed on your Exchange server.




Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash