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What to expect from my blog? – Well, this:
You can just browse through the posts on our blog, but we also have the following goodies online for you:

Technical FAQ:
Here you don’t have to search far. It just works as simple as FAQ has to… Direct question! Direct answer! We try to add more and more entries in this section.

We recently integrated a shop function on our page. If you have a look at it, you will notice that most of the things we offer are free to use. You don’t need to register at all. We don’t try to collect information about our visitors. The reason why we created a shop is that, in the future, we plan to develop software for you, too. This then will be easier for us to handle through the web shop.

All links on our page are free and without any paid content! We see the links which we post as a good repository of information & services on the internet. Feel free to discover them, maybe some of them will be useful for you.

Technet (Technet links):
From time to time we are writing scripts, that which we think can also help others. We are uploading most of these scripts to the Microsoft Technet Gallery and they are all free to use. You can find them in our posts, or directly linked on our page.

A few years ago, Kaspersky Lab launched its cloud service named Kaspersky Security Network, an early warning system for various types of new cyber threats. This service allows KSN users to receive information about new threats in a matter of minutes after their initial detection, providing yet another protection layer. You can find this free service on our website, as well, in the form of a small widget.

Tech Events | Photo Gallery:
[Comming soon] Dates of Tech Events will be published on my Blog. So you can visit them if you wish. By some events I will visit in the future, I will try to make some pictures that you will see how it was organized.

Video Blog:
[Comming soon] Writing about solution of daily quests is one thing, but sometimes it is easier to see the solution by tutorials. Soon I will upload some of them…