While I am writing articles on my Blog and surfing on different Forums and Social medias I always have two kind of goals. First, helping other people like I got help in the community. Second, trying to help in a easy and fast way.
Sometimes there is a clear question and a clear answer. Sometimes there are more questions needed to find the right solution. However, I was thinking how to optimisate these needs. Having Chat on my Blog could be one solution. But this is connected on my site all the time and sometimes the right person is not online when another user has a question.



That`s why I have created Telegram Chanels for all Engineers to help each other. Everyone is free to subscribe on it and to ask or answers questions to the community.
We are good, as much as we help each other. That`s why I hope you will join this Telegram channel because your all are very welcome to it if you share the philosophy of helping each other.
I used the Telegram because it is free, fast, cloud-based and encrypted. It has an open API and it is available for all platforms. This Group to discuss planning, designing, Issues mostly related to Microsoft Technology Azure, Office 365, Active Directory, PowerShell and Exchange etc .

Hope to see you soon on the Channel.





Are you interested? Then just click on the telegram icon…





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