Day four has just ended, it was a long one. I look back to the Universal Studios party back as well. But let us follow the day from the beginning.

My day stated a bit stressy today. Somehow my alarm did not work or I simply did not hear it. I jumped into the shower, but I forgot that warn water still need some seconds to come out. That means after first couple of seconds in the shower I was really awake.

After my shower, I went to the convention centre for my first session, which was about Microsoft Teams architecture update.

This session was totally on the other side of my Hotel, so from the moment I left my Hotel room till I was in the right session room, I had already walked 1.67km. Good that I had my comfortable sport shoes on…

Session number one…

In the first session for today I have made the plan to see what is going on by Microsoft Teams. Mark Longton and Steve Saxon (by the way, Steve is one of the guys who was working on Amazons Alexa).

However, guys where showing how Microsoft Teams has been architected and what is going on behind the scenes to bring conversations, people, Office documents and apps and services into one great experience with Microsoft Teams.

I am not sure how deep I should go now into this point. Guys, if you are interested more in this topic, just send me a message using the contact form on my Blog and if the resonance is good, I can a dedicate an article about this topic. Another alternative is of course to join other Blogs like as example the Blog from Steve and Jay.

However, to make at this point a long story short: It is really time to move from Skype for Business away to Microsoft Teams.


Number 2

My second session for today was of course again on the other side of the convention centre. That’s good, so I am walking a bit around, no I didn’t get a Micro scooter, and my wife will be fore sure happy to hear that I made some kilometres by walking and not just sitting end eating… 😉

However, lets get back to my second session, it was a session from Steve Goodman about “The top six PowerShell commands”. As far I heard before the Ignite this year, this is a legendary session and it is also a short one. It took just 20min and Steve was showing to the crowd (see picture below) how they are to use.



Side story

Short funny side story, when I was moving between the areas at the Convention centre, I just have noticed, that it looks like Orlando`s Police also commits to Office 365.

Or how else you would interpret the picture below? 😉


Session three

Let’s go back again to the other side of the Convention centre, my smart watch is showing me that I have already made 5 km today since the morning I have overslept.

However, this session was about getting or merging companies together, splitting or selling of a division. Steve, yes, same Steve from my previous session and no, I am not stalking him, spoke about the scenarios which we have to go through, if we need migrations or manipulations at multiple Office 365 tenants.

He was showing what we need to think about by moving accounts, settings and data from one Office 365 subscription to another one. Sorry for the next cliff-hanger at this point, but for this topic I will have to write in the nearest future a dedicated article on my blog.


Session four

At today`s 4th session something new happened, I didn’t have to run again across the whole convention centre, no, this time it was even in the same location. I only had to get out and let the volunteers scan my batch again to go back to the same place, I was sitting before.

This session was presented from Salah Ahmed and Praveen Vijayaraghavan and it was about protection and control of sensitive E-Mails with Office 365 Message Encryption.

Historically E-Mail encryption has been challenging to set up and use. There are many third-party tools out there and I have used and written about some of them on my blog and on other ones.

With digital data exploding and moving beyond the corporate firewalls, organizations and users are asking for an E-Mail encryption service that not only protects sensitive data but is also easy to use. Guys showed in this session, went through how new Office 365 Message Encryption capabilities enhance collaborating on protected E-Mails beyond just encryption. They also showed some upgrades, which we can expect in some couple of weeks. I will stay turned on there and soon will dedicate an article about it.

Honestly saying, for me personally this was the coolest session till now at the Ignite this year!!


Last one

My last session for today and before the Ignite party was a short Theatre session from Brain Reid and it was about the question, why we need to keep on-premises Exchange server, even when we move to the cloud.

However, Brain showed in this short session, that is all about identity sync options and user management in the cloud, when we are syncing users from the local Active directory.

Last cliff-hanger for today… I will come back to this topic as well.



Fun time

Today is finally the legendary Ignite Party. We got entries to all the tree parks and we had a shuttle service organized from Microsoft. I went together with Rolf and Markus to this celebration and we had a lot of fun, as you can see on the picture below:

However, the whole time since I am in the U.S. this time, the weather was fantastic, but this evening it was raining like a hell. Good thanks not that long, so from this point we had a happy end.

I was also worried a bit about the capacity of the park. I have read that the Park is made for up to 27000 People (Not sure if this is true) and we where around 30000 at the Ignite.

However, it was not that bad how I have expected, there was only once, we really had to wait a while. By all other attractions we just could go straight forward more or less.


I also want to say thank you to Microsoft, it was again all well organized, we  could eat for free and of course like on the whole convention enough and everywhere to drink..


Tomorrow (sadly) is the last day of Microsoft Ignite 2018, I am looking forward to grab some cool sessions tomorrow again about Exchange and Office 365. Of course, I will be writing tomorrow a splitter as well and a few days later I will make a final review with some ratings. Stay attached…