Microsoft has fulfilled the promise about enabling Gmail users to collaborate with others, using Azure Active Directory (B2B) without the requirement to have a Microsoft account.

Microsoft has made the next big step to cooperate with the big players, being itself one of it. Approximately one year ago, Microsoft has announced that there is an idea to create the option for Cloud accounts using Microsoft services. Today Microsoft is adding the ability for Google Gmail IDs to be able for a federation with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


Microsoft’s Vice President of Program Management and Identity Division Alex Simons has written an article in the Microsoft Cloudblog about Azure AD B2B Collaboration.


In the public preview which was released on August 28th we can see that we can use a B2B Google account to sign in to the Azure AD.

Picture taken from Microsoft Cloud Blogs


To enable this feature we need to navigate to our Organizational relationships:

Picture taken from Microsoft Cloud Blogs


Under Organizational relationships, we can view a list of users from other organizations and create a customized “Terms of use” and “Access reviews” policies for guest users.

Picture taken from Microsoft Cloud Blogs


From my point of view, the big clouds came now closer to each other and Microsoft has definitely made a huge Step to the right direction.


Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash