Soon, the Ignite 2018 in Orlando Florida will start. For me personally, after some Tech Summits this Ignite will be my first one. I have already started to create my schedule for this event.


There are so many sessions I would like to go… To be able to manage all of them, I should be able to create four or five clones of myself.


However, last years’ Ignite, I was following as good as was possible by reading news from Microsoft and other tech blogs. For this year, I was thinking about how to share all the information I will get from the Ignite. 


That’s why I have decided that during the Ignite I will make a splitter on my blog named – what a surprise – “Ignite Splitter”.


In this splitter, I will write about my impressions and news from the event during the five days it’ll take place. If there will be the right opportunities I will also share photos in the splitter (and in my gallery). 

The goal is to share some (hopefully) good vibes and news from Orlando with the rest of the world.


I hope you will stay tuned and enjoy it by reading…

Cheers Drago