In the company I am working for, we have some multiple Exchange projects. To set them up in a standardized way, we are installing them with some PowerShell scripts.
We can do the same for some configuration tasks.

Dominic and I wrote a script, which will do some necessary configurations for us. This will save a lot of time for all and makes sure that nothing will be forgotten.

This script (Suite) contains multiple PowerShell commands and Scripts also from other authors from the Microsoft Technet. I thought for myself it will be easier to have them all in one place.

To see what the script does and what not, you can check the table below:


By standardizing, it also makes it easier for the 1st and 2nd level support to troubleshoot some problems in the future.

How the script works:

By running the .PS1 file as Administrator, within a Exchange PowerShell session we will get the following menu:


As you can see, there are some main categories which contain the, from my point of view, most important tasks.


Exchange Setup Prerequisites

In this category we can find all necessary tasks for preparing a server to become an Exchange server or Edge server.

However, depending on if we want to install an Exchange or Edge server, we can start with point one and go further to point 14.

NOTE: All tasks with a (*) in the end, needs the Exchange ISO mounted.


Exchange Setup Tasks

When the prerequisites are successfully finished, we can start with the Exchange Setup. To be able to run this task (30), the Exchange ISO has to be mounted.


Post Exchange setup

In the category “Post Exchange installation”, we can start configuring our Exchange server with the most necessary tasks, described in the menu.


Operating Exchange

This area is for operating Exchange in the production. This area basically consist of different types of reports about our environment. The most of these tasks can also be found in the Microsoft Technet, written by Paul Cunningham, Steve Goodman, etc.


Office 365

In this area, we have operational tasks for Office 365 topics. Most of all, here are reporting tasks as well. However, in future versions of this script I will add more tasks for O365.


Where to download it?

This script is absolutely free and downloadable from Microsoft Technet.

Simply follow the link below:



I have created this script together with Dominic for us. It is a summary of other scripts which work very well for us and help us with the daily business. We hope, it will help you in your daily business, too. However, please note, this script is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind! This script also has no copyright. You’re free to modify your copy of the script as well as to provide it to others. We’d be happy to hear your from you to get some feedback and / or ideas to optimize the script.


Photo by Willie Fineberg on Unsplash