Second day at Ignite started very early for me, this year I didn’t travel alone from switzerland to U.S. My wife came up with me for few days. Today she has continued her part of traveling to Los Angeles and I had to get up super early. To be precise at 04:15 in the morning…

After she went to the Airport I got back into the house which my friends and I have rented for the Ignite this year, I have finished my article about the first day at Ignite.

At 07:15 in the Morning we drove out from Devenport to Orlando for the Ignite`s second day. With a hufe traffic to thr North in the morning. rafiic today in the morning. The point was that, when we have  arrived at 08:45 to the Convention center i had to refure from the breakfast in duo not to miss the first session.


However the traffic did not finnish by arriving at the Convention center, even inside people got ready for the first sessions. Here is a pic of it from the Theater 1 in the HUB (I spent the whole day yesterday)

I have managed my first session in time, it was Tahul Gupta session and Eddie Savage about the Modern Exchange IT admin experience (BRK3013)

Yaayy, finally an Exchange session.


Eddie and Gupta were showing us two main things, one of them was the new PowerShell cmdlets for Exchange online and about the new Exchange Admin center which is waiting for us. For me that session was super cool… (Ok, we have got some of that information earlier on MVP session on Sunday) but still, I would love to see it again. In the nearest future I will be writing a dedicated article about the new Admin center, so I hope you stay turned to read it.


Another Session I have visited was from lovley Aya Tange, her Session was a Microsoft Mechanics Live Session about Microsoft Teams – What’s new and how to get started (THR2269)

The stage they made for the session was simply massive, here is a small selfy before the session started:

Aya from Microsoft was talking in this Session about the end-to-end user experience with all the recent updates andhow to get started for those who are new in Microsoft Teams.

I can tell you, it is a lot going on at this Topic and I am looking forward for some other Microsoft Teams sessions this week.


The next session was Exchange hybrid: Advanced scenarios, roadmap, and real-world stories! (BRK3012) from William Holmes and Andy Ryan.

They spoke about Microsoft Exchange hybrid agent that was released to GA earlier in the summer, removing a major blocker for customers, who wanted to use a lightweight configuration for hybrid scenarios in their environments. This session offered best practices for using the hybrid configuration to move on-premises Exchange mailboxes to the cloud and it also provided a roadmap for continued guidance and support from Microsoft for hybrid configurations and how to think about them in more complex organizational setups, including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, cross-org people search, and more. They had the Email Service Manager from Cornell University on stage to explain how hybrid has been a key component in moving their very complex 75k seat org from on-premises to the cloud.


After the previous sessionhas finished, I had to go straight away to the next one, this time it was the Intelligent communications in Microsoft Teams (TMS20) Session  with Paul Cannon and James Skay.

Microsoft Teams solves the communication needs of a diverse workforce. Calling and meeting experiences in Teams support more productive collaboration and foster teamwork across Contoso. This session was about to learn more about the latest intelligent communications features along with the most recent additions to our device portfolio.


At the first day and the pre day I have made in total more than 45’000 steps. Today it looked like i would make the same amount of steps,so you cannot imagine, how happy I was that I took some comfortable shoes with me.

I am just proving to myselft, that on such events like the Ignite where you are walking a lot, the most important two things are the confortable shoes and a soft shell jacket. A Jacket? It’s super hot in Florida now… Right? – Yes it is, outside of the convention center it feels like summer, but inside with aircondition it’s very cold, at least for us from europe, I have met some americans walking with sandals and short pants.


Now I had a bit ofb time and by walking around I have met an old colleague from a former company we both were working for. After we walked down the HUB, we stepped by the Session Five reasons to integrate Yammer into Microsoft Teams (THR1026) from Amy Dolzine

It was about working in small teams and large companies that initiatives simultaniously in  work life. It was about five reasons to integrate Yammer communities with Microsoft Teams for those we work with every day. From large corporate initiatives to product feedback, these two products work better, together.


About the next session I was happy to intend was the Oops session, I have deleted my Office 365 or Azure data…now what?(BRK2196) from Theresa Miller.

As I have expected, there were many other people as well, who wanted to participate at this one, so for me it was good, that I went in time there.

Her session was about people who think about moving to the cloud means less things to worry about such as infrastructure and backup, right? Think again. Does the support desk get calls about fat-fingered deletions all the time? As companies adopt cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365, it’s important to understand corporate data responsibility, and what we can do to make sure your data is protected. Learn more about your developing data management strategy for cloud, best practices tips, and customer stories.


Back at the MVP corner I have met Betsy Weber, you may don’t know her but she is a legend at the #MVPBuzz, Betsy is a Microsoft Program manager for the MVP community and the great soul around here. I knew her before only from Twitter LinkedIn and other social accounts. That`s why I am finally happy to meet her in real



After spending some time at the MVP corner with Betsy and other really cool people, it was time for my next session Security and compliance in Microsoft Teams (BRK2381) with Christopher Bryan, Hugo Ferreira and Praveen Vijayaraghavan

They showed how the advanced security capabilities of Microsoft Teams helps us to create policies, to secure our information and protect company data. They showed the latest features that enable secure collaboration while helping customers meet their obligations under 42 national, regional, and industry-specific regulations.


The last task for that day was to record a new episode of my new format MVP Taxi with Jason Wynn. Unfortunatley one part of my equipment was not working as expected and one of the cam’s batteries was empty. (Although I have charged them in the morning).

However, I could not record the new episode with Jay on that day and we had to move it to another day. I hope that it will work next time better…


Now the second day at the Ignite was going to an end, with friends with whom I have rented a Villa and I have made the final picture at the Ignite and then we went back home and took some rest to prepare for the next day at the Ignite.