Here we are, Microsoft Ignite 2019 has finally started. Yesterday on Sunday I was the whole day on a MVP pre-workshop, so I knew that there will be some cool announcements this Week.

However, we will know more about that this week.

After arriving today, the most of the visitors first went for their Microsoft Swag, this year we got a Backpack, a Bottle and a super cool T-Shirt. Some of the people still had to make the Registration at the convention center. I guess this year there are again around 30’000 people from all over the world at the Microsoft Ignite. I really like that, here you can meet people from everywhere and start networking with them.

Today for me the first meeting point was the Microsoft Keynote with Sataja Nadella. He spoke about the Intelligent cloud, also about what means “Tech intensity” for showing that he had math form written on the screen. The formula was: “Tech intensity = (Tech adoption x Tech capability)^Trust. Another Topic Sataia speach was about Azure Synapse and about Structured and unstructured data, Data warehousing and big data analytics and Cloud-native. He showed an example with a Superman movie and how Warner Brothers are storing them. They saved the whole Movie on a piece of glass and boiled that Glass tool it in hot water, microwave etc. The movie was still available to watch after that.


Another topic was the Open hardware for Azure Quantum and Open software what is available for writing thing for quantum computer.

At the Keynote this year were a lot of new announcements in general, I will try to write about them during the week.

However, funny was the end of the Keynote. Sataya played the new Minecraft World game on the stage and it looked really like fun.


After the Keynote was finished I went to my “Home” I visited the Product corner of Microsoft Exchange. It was fun to see Greg Taylor again here and I cached up some Exchange Stickers for myself which made me super excited.

My first day at the Microsoft Ignite I spent somehow in the “HUB” only, all my sessions were located there. To be more precise, all “Theater Sessions” are located in the HUB. Across the HUB there are 10 Theaters and they are extremely good visited.


My first session so far on the Ignite this year was the Session (THR2097) which was about new information protection capabilities. The session from Alon Yardeni was full of announcements of discovering, classifying, protecting and monitoring of sensitive information. He also announced that now CAD files can be put under Data Protection.


My second session at the first Day was the Session (THR1068) Built on Office 365 Champion program with Sara Bush and Karuana Gatimu..

These both ladies were talking about how to supercharge the adoption and productivity by building a Champion in a customer Company. They also gave some tips and tricks how to run it in a successful way.


After this Session I made my first walking round through the HUB here at the Ignite. Of course I have also spotted the Microsoft MVP Wall and I was super proud to find my own Name on the Wall.


Now it finally was time to get some lunch. I have to give a huge compliment to Microsoft, like last year it was very well organized! There is almost no waiting time to get the food, you get in, grab what you like and eat. There is also enough space for that.

However the only thing is that after Pre Day on Sunday, we got again some Sandwiches today. I just hope that it will be not the whole week like that.


My first session after the lunch was the Session “A world without passwords”(THR2237) from Sarah Scott. Like in the Morning it was a Theater Session, but when I saw how many people came to this session, I thought about, that it would be better, if that session would be in a Meeting Room.

The session by itself was about the hassles of using a login name and password to access their own information. The username/password paradigm is more than a hassle, it’s a true security challenge. Sarah was showing how the security pros in Microsoft Core Service Engineering and operations works… I really can highly recommend you to watch the recording of that session.


As a next point it was time to work a bit on Stoyan’s Project and I have started, I had the opportunity to make my first record for MVP Taxi with Steve Goodman. More about that I will not tell you at the moment. However, I can deeply recommend you to stay turned and watch that episode soon on 🙂


The last session for today was, of course, again the Theater session. It was the session from Jonas Gunnemo about In-app support in Outlook (THR2003).

Jonas was introducing to the public how the feature in-app support works. *Spoiler, currently only for Office 365 Outlook available. I am personally not so impressed of this kind of features, but Jonas made his session so good, that I definitely will have to try it out soon.


After that Session the day was close to the end, I was totally exhausted, from one side because I spent the whole day in the HUB, but also for another reason. As I have mentioned earlier in this article, we had on Sunday the whole day the MVP pre-day workshop. It was such an honor for me, I finally met some people in real whom I knew before from online sessions and/or social media contact. It was so cool to see Sigi Jargot, Steve Goodman, Tony Redmond, Peter Schmid and many many many more on that day.


In the evening we also had the networking event for MVPs and RDs. We played some Bowling and spoke a lot about so many different topics.


Later in the evening I was invited to the Practical 365 event where I was honored to meet real legends of my topic…


At that Place, that’s again for the invitation Sigi, the pre-day and the first day of the Ignite were a fantastic start this yearly journey. I hope that the rest of the week will be like these two days…