Day four at the Microsoft Ignite 2019. If you ever was wondering what equipment Attendees are carrying on during the day, here a short view about it.
I always have a Backpack with me, there inside you can find a Bottle of water (At the Ignite you get drinks for free, but those are sweet drinks such as Cola, Sprite, etc. and Orange Juices. I would like to say that we also have free Coffee to drink, but this is not a Coffee, that is only colored black water – from an European point of view).
However, the Air conditions are working super strong, that`s why it is very necessary to have a light Jacket with you, a Notebook, chargers and some other Equipment for my MVP Taxi project.

If we have a look on the MVP Taxi, today I was finally able to record a new Video with Jayson Wynn.
If you might remember, the last time the battery of one of the cameras was empty.
We made the recording early in the morning, I think it was at around 08:30. However, the weather was fantastic, sunny and warm.
If you are interested in what Jay and I spoke about, you can watch the record soon at

So, the Clip is recorded, now back to the Ignite Sessions for the pre last day. I started wit the session Calling in Microsoft Teams (VCE10) with Paul Cannon.
Paul was showing to the public all about the basics of calling in Microsoft Teams and also updates on the last such as Reverse Number look ups, Delegation and more. It was a intermediate Session that took around 45min. So a good start in the forth Ignite Day.

My next session was the session about: Reading SMTP headers like a boss (THR3033) from Jeff Guillet
Jeff was suffering a bit on his speech, for some reason, he partly lost his voice during the presentation. Maybe because of the Air conditioner, or maybe for other reason 🙂 We don’t know that…
However, his session was an advanced session and he showed the public how to read SMTP headers. This demo-tastic session he showed how to read SMTP headers and how we can use that for troubleshooting SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
The topic itself I knew before very well, but what I like by Jeff is the way how he was presenting it. So if you ever have the opportunity to hear a speech form Jeff, I simply can highly recommend it to everyone.

This year I wasn’t the only one from my company who was attending the Ignite in Orlando, there were few other people, with two of them I took the opportunity to make a photo in front of the Microsoft Logo. After that we took a short power up and continued our session paths.

My path brought me to the session: Email is the easy part: Five pitfalls to avoid in tenant-to-tenant migration (THR2217) from Paul Robichaux.
Tenant-to-tenant (T2T) migrations are a fact of modern life, driven by the ongoing churn of merger, acquisition, and divestiture activity that’s a core part of modern global business. As with the first wave of migrations to the cloud, most IT professionals think of T2T migration as being driven by email migration—but the truth is that email is only one part of what can be a very complex puzzle. In this fast-paced session, Paul covers the five most common pitfalls we’re likely to encounter in merger, acquisition, or divestiture-driven T2T migrations, touch on Microsoft’s announced plans for supporting T2T, and dig into practical steps we can prepare ourselves for a smooth and orderly migration.

The Microsoft Ignite is a huge event with over 35’000 attendees. The Event is really good organized. However, I don’t know it is a question of the difference between the Swiss and American mentality or maybe something else. But here are some things I simply cannot understand here in the US.
One particular point that made me kind of angry was the food policy.
To be more precise, at the Ignite you have different options to eat Lunch. Microsoft has organized a huge area where we could eat Lunch, this area was opening at 11.30. In the Hub they had also spots, there we could grab a salad or a sandwich if we had no time to go to eat properly.
So far so good. These Sandwich hops also opened at 11.30, but some of them even earlier. On that day I had two sessions in a row starting at 11:30. I went to the Hops where we can pickup a Salad or a Sandwich, it looked like I wasn’t the only one, because when I arrived there. There was nothing anymore I liked. So I went to another Hub to ask for some lunch and they didn’t want to give it out. Even when I tried to explain the situation I have received very arrogant answers back, but not food.
This is something Microsoft REALLY has to work about on. The visitors are coming from all over the World. Hat is the Point to share at some Points the food and on other points no? And how about the attitude?
This was my second thumb down at this event…

Hungry and angry I went to my next session on that day: The MVP guide ot Office 365 security, Exchange online edition (BRK3144) from Theresa Miller.
Actually, I was also in a Theater Session before, but because of the food affair, I was not able to follow the Session itself. I will have to re-watch it later online.

Over 90% of malware that infect systems comes from email! Are we protected? Enterprises that leverage Office 365 have some robust opportunities to protect their enterprise from threats that can come in through email.

Theresa showed how Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) can add a layer of security needed to keep the bad messages out. Going a step further into advanced security, diving into DMARC, DKIM and SPF and how implementation can heighten our security even further.

Yesterday I met Shafina and her Luggage full with stickers. Honestly, some people were here for swag hunting, I would say I am more into stickers. They make fun and we can individualize our computers in a way that they look more personal.
I really like that…

Back to the sessions, my pre-last session for this day was the session: Office365 email enhancements that makes your organization smart, safe and secure (BRK3312) with Kevin Shaughanessy and Leena Sheth.

They have despited the popularity of social messaging apps, 62% of business professionals prefer email for business communications. With the number of emails delivered daily worldwide forecast to grow 18% by 2023, the critical of email for businesses is unquestionable. In this session they pull the curtain back on some new and improved Office 365 email features for admins and users – things like the following:

• New Exchange Admin Center and Mail Flow dashboard and insights
• Better protect your organization’s email with customizable recipient limits and authenticated SMTP management
• Send-from-proxy aliases give users greater messaging flexibility
• New Office 365 Message Recall revamps the popular Outlook feature for the cloud

My last session for the pre-last day was the session: A deep dive into managing Microsoft Teams (BRK3221) from and with James Stark.
Microsoft Teams is designed with IT in mind, providing management capabilities for collaboration, meetings, callings, and apps. Explore the full range of management features available for configuring, managing, and monitoring Microsoft Teams. James walked through the full scope of controls – from enabling a smoother on boarding experience to ongoing maintenance and optimization of your environment.

Like last year, Microsoft was organizing this year as well an Ignite Party. Like last year it was again in the Universal Studios in Orlando.
For this Event the Studios is open only for the Ignite attendees.
It’s really cool because there were around 27’000 Microsoft People in a Park what was made for (I guess) 45’000 people. That means no long waiting time.
Her some very few pictures from it…