Here we are, the last Day at Microsoft Ignite 2019 has come 🙁

This article is not about a lock back, but if I do it for a moment, it was a very good Event for me this year…


On this last day I have only two left sessions ready to intend, one of them feels it like a “home game” it is the Session from the Microsoft MVP Marcel Zehner about: The death of the IT professionals (THR2057)

Before his Session start we had a short chat about the Event this year and also about the Ignite Tour in the Cities all around the world. So, if you could not visit the Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, I can recommend you to visit  his Tours in one f the Cities around the globe.


Back to Marcel’s session:

The end of the classic IT professional. Why? The cloud is here and trends in IT and technology has been changed over the past years. The cloud offers more and more services that can be used by developers to create beneficial apps for enterprises – the infrastructure fades from the spotlight. How do IT pros need to transform themselves into a new role?


In those few words I can describe Marcels Session.


When I look back to this week, there were so many people walking around and searching for the right Meeting Room. Today on Friday the picture has changed a bit. There are not so many people anymore at the Ignite, and the few that are here shows the following picture:


Here it is, the last session for this year… However, at least it is a super session for me and a good one to end my Journey this year. Brandon Koeller presents the session: Securing Exchange Online from modern threats (BRK3248)

Email has been around for a long time, and still serves as a key collaboration medium in the modern workplace. Even after all these years, email is still a high priority target for attackers, and a very effective way for insider threats to steal our data and our money. In this session, Brandon explore how admins, partners, and insiders lead to data breaches in Exchange Online and how external attackers live off the land by using native product capabilities to entrench and exfiltrate. He also explored what we can do to prevent, detect, investigate, and remediate those attacks!


After the session has finished, I could have a last chat with Greg Taylor and now it is time for me to leave the Microsft Ignite and to leave the HUB, where I could spend some time this Week. For me it was a wonderfull event this year, I met so many new and people i knew before. I also hope you had fun to read my daily Splitter, even if it came out abit later than expected.I hope that I will be able to participate next year again. – Wherever and whenever the Ignite 2020 will be.


So my last words are: Thank you all…