Since 22 October 2009 I am now a Xing Member.
However, I did not have the Premium Subscription for a long time.
At the beginning Xing was very innovative and the perfect platform to network and make new contacts.
Xing was the perfect alternative to Facebook, which was on my radar at the same time.
In the course of time, however, the scope of service has decreased more and more. Features that were provided in the Basic package are now only available in the Premium package.

Every time I have logged in to Xing, Xing wanted me to subscribe to a premium package or ask for more information about me.
The Basic subscription has also been limited to such an extent that it is no longer possible to maintain your own profile.
In the meantime LinkedIn has become unattainably different from Xing and has also established itself in the German speaking regions. When I received a phisical letter from Xing that I should buy a premium subscription, it crossed a line that made me do so. No longer to be active on Xing.


Everywhere the want you to book a premium subscription


In the meantime I posted something on Xing from time to time to analyze the reactions. The resonance was very bad.
Finally I wrote to Xing and shared my concerns about their development. The only answer I got was a link to the FAQ’s with the hint that I can buy a premium subscription.


I have been in contact with people I know who have a premium subscription to Xing. The feedback from most of them is the same: “After the expiration of the premium period, I will not renew it.”


Just teasing and forcing for Premium

First look by opening the Mobile App


Xing is developing in the wrong direction from my point of view, respectively Xing has stopped. There is no decent API (and if there were, it would probably only be for Premium Mebers).
That’s why I will completely reduce my activity on Xing from the first of August this year. Therefore I ask all my friends and partners to stop writing to me on Xing. I will probably delete my account completely at the end of this year.


Even not possible to modify your Profile individually


If you want to stay in contact with me, you can do so via LinkedIn or Twitter.
Please keep in mind that this is my personal decision. For those users who are satisfied with Xing, you should continue to use this platform. For me it is simply no longer true.