Strong passwords are an important basis for protecting your data. Unfortunately, many users still use the same passwords for all profiles or use simple combinations such as Welcome123 or their name.

But how do you make a password really secure and what tricks can you use to professionally enhance the protection of your data?
Here are the most important 6 points briefly listed:


1. be creative in the creation

The biggest obstacle on the way to a secure password is lack of creativity. For this reason, you should think carefully about how to make your password unique.
For example, think of a sentence and use only the first letters of each word. In this way, a secure password that is guaranteed not to be guessed is created without much effort.


2. long passwords create security

The longer a password is, the more difficult it is to guess. For this reason, avoid passwords that are too short and protect yourself by assigning the appropriate length. The complexity should not be missing,
so a certain length with a good combination of letters, numbers and special characters is very important.


3. use a calculator

In order to avoid personal conclusions about the assignment of your password, you can use a calculator to create it. In this calculator, you simply enter how many digits your new password should have and what it should contain
arrives with the use. A random combination is then generated, which you can document and use.


4. do not save your passwords

The often tempting option of being able to store the password directly on the site quickly becomes a security risk for your data. Because even if someone else accesses your data, access is already unlocked, which means that you
Losing control. For this reason, make sure that your passwords are not already entered on the pages to be protected.


5. change your passwords regularly

Even though it may sound complicated at first, you should change your passwords as often as possible. In this way you can ensure that your data remains secret and cannot be traced, even if specific measures are taken to collect it.
When you re-enter your password, make sure that it cannot be guessed either.


6. multi-factor authentication

Also by following the 5 described points I strongly recommend the use of MFA.
Multi factor authentication secures your accounts exponentially.