This PowerShell based tool is used to cover various before and after tasks.
More specifically, it covers the tasks involved in handling the Microsoft Intune deployment stick which I described and deployed in my other article.

My PowerShell based tool has 3 options. I would like to describe them briefly:


Export Intune Configuration File

As described in the article about the USB stick, a config file in JSON format is required for the configuration. I have described in the other article how to download it.
In this tool you have the possibility to download this JSON in an easy way.
You need the credentials and a path where you want to store this file.
After these entries you just have to click on “Export”. After that you will be shown an “Out-Grid” window where you can check if it is the correct file. If so, it will be created and downloaded.



Activate Windows 10

If you have chosen to deploy with the USB stick, the first thing that happens is that the entire disk will be erased. After that Windows will be installed. However, if you do not have a Microsoft 365 plan for your users, Windows must be activated manually.
This can easily be done with the second section by entering the appropriate Windows key and clicking on “Activate”.



Domain Join Windows Device

If the Devices will also be joined into a local Active Directory, you can do this with the third section.
Just enter the appropriate domain information and account and the tool will do the rest for you.



Where to get the Script?

Since the Microsoft Technet Gallery will unfortunately soon be retired. You can download my script (tool) in my Personal PowerShell Gallery or on my GitHub page.
Of course this is free for you!




I am aware that this tool still has a lot of potential for improvement. At this point it is a first step. I am grateful for constructive suggestions and feedback and will, if requested, extend the tool.
In any case I wish you a lot of fun with it.