This article is a follow-up article based on my article “Microsoft Intune Automatization Script“.
In this article, I introduce you to another script on the topic of Microsoft Intune and explain it to you here.

This time it’s about deploying various applications which can then be used for the Endpoint Manager.
I wrote this script together with my colleague Sandro Schmocker and am happy to make it available to you via my Github. You can find the link to it further down in this article.

What does this script do?

This script serves to provide standard applications as .INTUNEWIN for the Endpoint Manager.
We have taken care of the following applications:


  • Citrix Workspace
  • Forti SSL VPN Client (including configuration)
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Company Portal
  • Microsoft Desktop App installer
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Adobe Reader DC


How does the script work?

After the script is executed, the first thing that appears is a welcome message.

Please note: There is no need to prepare the script or change any variables beforehand. Everything that is needed is requested in the script.

After the welcome, the raw data is downloaded from Github, this must be confirmed briefly.
Then the script checks if the directory C:\MDM\AppSelector exists, if not, this directory will be created here.


This directory serves as the target for the Github download and also as the target for the packages created at the end.

If the directory already exists, we get this message
Now the required zip file is downloaded from Github, unzipped and renamed accordingly.
As a final preparation, a customer name must now be entered. This is used to ensure that the packages to be created are stored correctly.
Now we come to the actual script. Here we have a choice of which package we want to create. We can decide whether it should be a single package or all seven available packages.
In this example, I have chosen number 7, where we see that Google Chrome is being prepared.

At the end we see where the final file will be placed.

Once we have completed the deployment, we can then find our finished packages in the appropriate directory. These can now be uploaded and distributed in the Endpoint Manager.

Where can I download the script?

The script is available in my Github repository as described at the beginning.

You can download the script here!


Postskriptum (update)

It was pointed out to me in a community forum that some people have problems processing the output of this script or distributing the packages in the endpoint manager.

Since the basis of these applications is WINGET, appropriate commands must be provided for the deployment.
These are documented on the Github page, where the raw data is located. You can find the link here:

Github App deployment

It should also be noted that the apps marked as mandatory in the script must also be distributed accordingly.

Here is the screenshot:

I hope that everything is now clear and nothing stands in the way of successful use.