Meltdown is currently thought to primarily affect Intel processors manufactured since 1995, excluding the company’s Itanium server chips and Atom processors before 2013. It could allow hackers to bypass the hardware barrier between applications run by users and the computer’s core memory. Meltdown, therefore, requires a change to the way the operating system handles memory to fix, which initial speed estimates predict could affect the speed of the machine in certain tasks by as much as 30%.

If you wanna find out if your Windows Compter is also affected, you can use PowerShell for it:

1. right-click Windows PowerShell, run as Administrator
2. enter “Install-Module SpeculationControl”, then press <enter>
3. select “Yes” to install “nuget” package
4. enter “Get-SpeculationControlSettings”, then press <enter>

Microsoft says the ideal settings should look like the image below. If it doesn’t look like this, look for your hardware vendor support and locate the fix (Lenovo has a fix out already for nearly all devices) – it’ll be found under the Intel Management Engine (it’s a firmware update) in the Chipset section. Note: you will likely also need to update your BIOS firmware as well.


Alternative you can download on the Technet Gallery a Script to check your status: