So far, the subscriptions of the consumer versions of Office 365 were limited to two devices: home subscribers were allowed to install the Office palette for the five users distributed on ten devices, for personal customers, the limit was on one PC or Mac plus a tablet.

Microsoft is now changing the licensing provision: In the future, Microsoft will waive the limit, as emerges from a blog post by the group. As of October 2, Office 365 Home and Personal can be deployed on any number of devices. Instead, the new licensing model will be based on the number of devices registered at the same time. Specifically, up to five users may be logged in with the same account at the same time.

Office 365 Home also increases the number of users from five to six. This means that now with one subscription Office can be used on up to 30 devices. The sixth user also receives one terabyte of storage on OneDrive, so that a total of six terabytes of cloud storage is now available for a home subscription.

Ultimately, Microsoft promises that the management account would be simplified. Instead of accessing as before, this can now be done directly via the account portal.




Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash