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There are different ways to roll out Windows 10. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is the deployment with Microsoft Intunes. If you are familiar with Microsoft Intunes, you will soon notice that there are also different ways to configure Intunes. I will not go into the chapter Intune itself in this article. However, […]

Since 22 October 2009 I am now a Xing Member. However, I did not have the Premium Subscription for a long time. At the beginning Xing was very innovative and the perfect platform to network and make new contacts. Xing was the perfect alternative to Facebook, which was on my radar at the same time. […]




Have an employee leaving and need to block access to data and email? To do this: Go to Active Users. Select the user you want to block and choose Reset password. Expand OneDrive Settings. Next to Sign-out, select Initiate. Note: Sign-out for some apps might not be immediate. Follow up with more actions in this […]



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Today is the first of July. This is a very special day for every Microsoft MVP. On this day the new fiscal year at Microsoft begins and this also means that the new MVP cycle starts. On this day (or let’s say the night before the first of July) most MVP’s are more tense than […]



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