In today’s digital landscape, businesses are increasingly grappling with the repercussions of cybercrime. Cyberattacks are escalating in frequency, and the resulting damage is growing at an unprecedented rate. Among the most significant vulnerabilities for organizations are their passwords, which serve as the entry point into an account and, consequently, represent the weakest link in their […]

For larger environments and/or infrastructures that have more complex network architectures, it can be important to split up the topic-related endpoints and distribute them to dedicated proxies. With Microsoft 365 (as well as other Microsoft services such as Azure), the “best practice” statement is to define local brake out points so that the corresponding services […]

Depending on the tenant configuration, there may be problems with the rollout of Team Certified phones. Here is a solution: Teams Certified phones can be rolled out in different ways. These rollouts generally work very well. If not, however, troubleshooting can become a considerable challenge. When a company plans a rollout, there are several points […]

This script helps to create dynamic Azure AD groups based on the PowerShell module Graph SDK. The idea is that organizations have different autopilot profiles. These can differ by region, language or other elements. In order to roll these out in the best possible way with little effort, it is recommended to work with dynamic […]

In this article I describe another small script that should simplify the daily work with Microsoft Intune. This is about the topic of share mapping. For this purpose I have created a script where certain configurations can be made. After this script has run successfully, we get a small PS1 file as output, which we […]



MS Intune, PowerShell

This article is a follow-up article based on my article “Microsoft Intune Automatization Script“. In this article, I introduce you to another script on the topic of Microsoft Intune and explain it to you here. This time it’s about deploying various applications which can then be used for the Endpoint Manager. I wrote this script […]

I am currently working on a new project involving the integration and configuration of Microsoft Intune in a hybrid environment. Since there are always the same tasks in this scenario, I have now written a PowerShell script that processes the most important recurring tasks. This way I can ensure that certain configurations are standardized for […]

This PowerShell based tool is used to cover various before and after tasks. More specifically, it covers the tasks involved in handling the Microsoft Intune deployment stick which I described and deployed in my other article. My PowerShell based tool has 3 options. I would like to describe them briefly:   Export Intune Configuration File […]

There are different ways to roll out Windows 10. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is the deployment with Microsoft Intunes. If you are familiar with Microsoft Intunes, you will soon notice that there are also different ways to configure Intunes. I will not go into the chapter Intune itself in this article. However, […]