Creating a standardized and consistent naming convention for IT infrastructures based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure is essential for efficient management. The following guidelines should be adhered to: General Principles: Consistency: Maintain consistency across all resources, ensuring a uniform and predictable structure. Readability: Names should be easy to read and understand, avoiding unnecessary abbreviations. […]

From time to time I get requests from customers for the following scenario: The customer basically has a hybrid infrastructure, must (or wants to) continue to operate Exchange on-premise. However, the customer wants to protect the Outlook Web App (OWA) of the on-premise messaging infrastructure with Multi Factor. On the one hand, this can be […]

Microsoft is becoming more and more a telephony provider. With the possibility of building a call centre with native tools (i.e. without 3rd party tools), Microsoft has taken another big step towards playing in the top 3 league of telephony solutions. Microsoft Teams has been offering the possibility to build call center solutions for some […]

This script helps to create dynamic Azure AD groups based on the PowerShell module Graph SDK. The idea is that organizations have different autopilot profiles. These can differ by region, language or other elements. In order to roll these out in the best possible way with little effort, it is recommended to work with dynamic […]

This script is for the following use case: An administrator needs to add multiple users from an organisation to an Azure AD group. This can be done in different ways. On the one hand in the Azure Admin Portal or via Powershell.   In my variant, I have created a script that can massively simplify […]

It’s almost time for the 5th edition of the Cloud8 Summit. As things stand, it seems that the COVID pandemic is largely over. At least until the autumn. However, we all hope that no major restrictions and case numbers are to be expected. One of the many advantages of the current situation is that there […]

There are different ways to roll out Windows 10. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is the deployment with Microsoft Intunes. If you are familiar with Microsoft Intunes, you will soon notice that there are also different ways to configure Intunes. I will not go into the chapter Intune itself in this article. However, […]

What is the Azure Application Proxy? Azure AD Application Proxy is a feature of Azure AD Premium and Azure AD Basic. It allows publication of internal web-based application to provide Internet access to authorized users in the corporate domain. The Azure AD Application Proxy can be used in place of internal Web Application Proxy Servers […]

  Seems like Microsoft really cares a lot about the ideas that users post on the Intune Feedback page. 🙂 Again, like in my other post about Intune MAM for On-Prem Exchange, they finally implemented a feature in Microsoft Intune which was long and eagerly waited for. I’m just giving you a brief summary here. In […]



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