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Strong passwords are an important basis for protecting your data. Unfortunately, many users still use the same passwords for all profiles or use simple combinations such as Welcome123 or their name. But how do you make a password really secure and what tricks can you use to professionally enhance the protection of your data? Here […]

This PowerShell based tool is used to cover various before and after tasks. More specifically, it covers the tasks involved in handling the Microsoft Intune deployment stick which I described and deployed in my other article. My PowerShell based tool has 3 options. I would like to describe them briefly:   Export Intune Configuration File […]

There are different ways to roll out Windows 10. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is the deployment with Microsoft Intunes. If you are familiar with Microsoft Intunes, you will soon notice that there are also different ways to configure Intunes. I will not go into the chapter Intune itself in this article. However, […]

Since 22 October 2009 I am now a Xing Member. However, I did not have the Premium Subscription for a long time. At the beginning Xing was very innovative and the perfect platform to network and make new contacts. Xing was the perfect alternative to Facebook, which was on my radar at the same time. […]




Have an employee leaving and need to block access to data and email? To do this: Go to Active Users. Select the user you want to block and choose Reset password. Expand OneDrive Settings. Next to Sign-out, select Initiate. Note: Sign-out for some apps might not be immediate. Follow up with more actions in this […]



Microsoft 365

Today is the first of July. This is a very special day for every Microsoft MVP. On this day the new fiscal year at Microsoft begins and this also means that the new MVP cycle starts. On this day (or let’s say the night before the first of July) most MVP’s are more tense than […]



Microsoft 365, VARIA

In this article I would like to talk about the deployment of Office 365. We can prepare, automate, customize, etc. a lot in our Microsoft Admin Portals. Nevertheless, it happens again and again that parts of the service do not work. My experience has shown me that in more than 90% of the cases, one […]



Microsoft 365

  Unfortunately Microsoft is about to retire the Technet Gallery. For me this gallery was a fantastic repository to look for scripts which can help me in my daily work. Over the years the Technet Gallery has accumulated an incredible amount of scripts.     I also make my own scripts available to the community […]




The current COVID-19 threat forces more and more companies to use collaburation tools. There are some on the market which are better or worse for this purpose. I myself as a consultant advise my customers on the topic of Microsoft Teams. One question that comes up again and again is the storage of company data. […]

What is the Azure Application Proxy? Azure AD Application Proxy is a feature of Azure AD Premium and Azure AD Basic. It allows publication of internal web-based application to provide Internet access to authorized users in the corporate domain. The Azure AD Application Proxy can be used in place of internal Web Application Proxy Servers […]