Foreword In this article, I describe one (of several) ways in which a mailbox migration can be carried out from, for example, an old on-premise infrastructure to a new Exchange online migration. In my practical example, the two sites are on different tiers, and have no connection to each other. Once again, this is one […]

For the Episode 233 of the #MVPbuzzChat interview series, I was invited by my fellow M365 Apps & Services MVP and Microsoft Regional Director Christian Buckley.   This podcast was a bit special for me (in a positive way) Christian set up this episode as an interview and we talked about various topics. You can […]

Creating a standardized and consistent naming convention for IT infrastructures based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure is essential for efficient management. The following guidelines should be adhered to: General Principles: Consistency: Maintain consistency across all resources, ensuring a uniform and predictable structure. Readability: Names should be easy to read and understand, avoiding unnecessary abbreviations. […]

With the recent General Available of New Teams on Mac, there are changes that impact the management of some tenants regarding new Teams and Microsoft Teams classic (formerly Microsoft Teams).   Users can switch seamlessly between New Teams and Microsoft Teams classic via an in-app toggle. However, there are effects on tenant management that administrators […]

Microsoft recently announced that the Microsoft Graph API for Microsoft Teams live events will be terminated for commercial customers. The reason for this is that Microsoft will be focussing on the Townhall functionality in the future. This is more or less the replacement for Live Events. Users who still use this API have until spring […]

Microsoft is becoming more and more a telephony provider. With the possibility of building a call centre with native tools (i.e. without 3rd party tools), Microsoft has taken another big step towards playing in the top 3 league of telephony solutions. Microsoft Teams has been offering the possibility to build call center solutions for some […]

Depending on the tenant configuration, there may be problems with the rollout of Team Certified phones. Here is a solution: Teams Certified phones can be rolled out in different ways. These rollouts generally work very well. If not, however, troubleshooting can become a considerable challenge. When a company plans a rollout, there are several points […]

In this article I would like to return to an old series. It’s about PowerShell commands that we should all know. The commands we are looking at today are all for Microsoft 365 and its services.   1. Connect with SDK (and the needed permissions) As already known, Microsoft will soon withdraw the Azure AD […]

This script is for the following use case: An administrator needs to add multiple users from an organisation to an Azure AD group. This can be done in different ways. On the one hand in the Azure Admin Portal or via Powershell.   In my variant, I have created a script that can massively simplify […]