Prolog There are several ways to create a Certificate request (CSR) for SSL Certificates. There are a large number of tools that can help or assist you in this process. Personally, I like to use PowerShell for this. There is a module in my Exchange Suite which you can download HERE and create a CSR […]




In one of my last articles, I wrote about installing, customizing and about the functionality of the ADFS servers. Today I want to write about the ADFS / Azure Multi-Factor Authentication server (MFA). In Q2 of the last year Microsoft announced an app called “Microsoft Authenticator”. The functionality is similar to Google’s authentication App “Google […]

Almost everyone is using Cloud services, there are a lot of them like Azure, Office 365, G-Suite, Dropbox, AWS. Some of them we are using for private, but the most of it for our daily business. There is a smooth way Microsoft offers us to be able to use single sign-on (SSO) on the most […]

As Web Application Proxy is a standard Windows Server role service, you can use many Windows Server PowerShell tools to control Web Application Proxy: Shows Web Application Proxy Windows services status Get-Service’appproxysvc’,’appproxyctrl’,’adfssrv’|fl-property* Shows the configuration of Web Application Proxy Windows service Get-WmiObject-ClassWin32_Service-PropertyStartMode-Filter”Name=’appproxysvc’” Get Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) results for the Remote Access role Invoke-BpaModel Microsoft/Windows/RemoteAccessServer […]



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About the way how you can deploy an ADFS Infrastructure I have already described here and more about ADFS you can find in the Microsoft Technet Aricles here or in the Technet Blog here . But what about a SAAS for your Customers if you don’t want, that they know each other? Normaly you use a […]




Creating SSL Certificate Requests needs a lot of Time, how to create a Request without IIS I wrote here in my Blog already with this Entry (Create Certificate Request without IIS (ADFS3.0)) But even here you need a lot of time, so the Solution is – PowerShell! Reinout Segers wrote a fantastic Script how to […]