In this article, I describe the most important points about email encryption in a kind of FAQ. We have all heard a few buzzwords on this topic in the past, and we know most of them… And still there can be question marks again and again. I hope this article sheds more light on the […]



MS Exchange

Today is the first of July and I am extremely pleased to have received an email from Microsoft on this special day. Those who are familiar with the Microsoft MVP Award or are Microsoft MVPs themselves know on this day whether they have also been awarded an MVP by Microsoft in the new fiscal year. […]

Every Microsoft product is very complex in itself, depending on the role and functionality there are different communication channels and protocols which communicate with each other. The same is also true for Exchange. Although Exchange has been rolled out again as a multirole system since the 2013 version, we are thinking back briefly to the […]

Prolog Recently, I have been getting inquiries from customers, who have the following scenario: The environment was originally an on-premises infrastructure. Then the customers have decided to switch to Office 365 and implemented this step as follow:   The AAD was configured to sync the user accounts to the cloud, but without the Exchange attributes.  […]

Prolog At this point I am happy to present the third part of my series “Phishing attack simulation”. In this article we will focus on Brute force Password (Dictionary) attacks. A brute-force attack dictionary is an automated, trial-and-error method of generating multiple passwords guesses from a dictionary file against a user’s password. Identical to Spear […]

Prolog One of the biggest dangers in the industry for IT professionals is attacks on their own company network. There are different types of attacks. As I have described in a previous article, one of the biggest threats are phishing attacks. There are several providers of employee training aimed at improving awareness of such attacks […]

Prolog This article is about an old school topic. In the last few weeks after my vacation, I was supporting a company who had issues between a server and the mail environment to send emails. In this company, the messaging environment is configured that only authenticated systems are allowed to send messages. This I have […]

Microsoft Office 365 allows us in a very easy way to encrypt messages to our recipients. To be able to use Message encryption we need to have either an Office 365 Enterprise E3 or E5 Plan or a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 Plan. If we don’t have one of those plans but at least […]