In this article I would like to return to an old series. It’s about PowerShell commands that we should all know. The commands we are looking at today are all for Microsoft 365 and its services.   1. Connect with SDK (and the needed permissions) As already known, Microsoft will soon withdraw the Azure AD […]

As Microsoft Teams continues to replace conventional telephony systems, there are more and more tasks to be done in this area that we are normally used to doing in a conventional telephony system. In this article we will deal with a smaller topic, which is nevertheless very important. From a user perspective, we can block […]



MS Teams, PowerShell

This script is for the following use case: An administrator needs to add multiple users from an organisation to an Azure AD group. This can be done in different ways. On the one hand in the Azure Admin Portal or via Powershell.   In my variant, I have created a script that can massively simplify […]

In this article I describe the functionality of my Powershell script tool for managing Microsoft Teams Voice. I have developed a PowerShell tool that should simplify the daily and non-daily work with Teams Voice.   This tool has three categories, which are divided into the administration of phone numbers for users, the creation of callflows […]