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In the first parts of the series “.NET Assemblies In PowerShell”, I wrote about managing existing Active Directory groups and user accounts without the PowerShell ActiveDirectory module. This time, I will show you how you can create new Active Directory objects with PowerShell by using the namespace System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement. This namespace is available on any Windows […]

New user interface The most obvious change is the new taskbar, which now displays pinned program icons centered at the bottom of the screen by default, just like on the Mac. But that’s it for the similarities. The new start button opens an entirely new floating start menu, which is also positioned centrally. The live […]



Microsoft 365

Today is the first of July and I am extremely pleased to have received an email from Microsoft on this special day. Those who are familiar with the Microsoft MVP Award or are Microsoft MVPs themselves know on this day whether they have also been awarded an MVP by Microsoft in the new fiscal year. […]