Working as a consultant for multiple customers forces us to connect multiple times a day to different Exchange Online management shell’s. Everyone has his own way to save the connection command for the Exchange Online PowerShell. I had the command always saved in a ready to use Notepad document. However, since I am always using […]

Few weeks ago, I was working on a migration project between two independent domains. The project by itself was huge because there were multiple teams working on too. In this project, we had to migrate the Active Directory including the SID history, Exchange SAP Skype for business and much more other things.   However, because […]

I just had to do some additional work in a project we have just finished. One of the main tasks has been adjusting some permissions for shared mailboxes. In this article, I wrote down some usefull PowerShell commands for managing shared mailboxes.   What is a shared mailbox? A shared mailbox is a type of […]

In the company I am working for, we have some multiple Exchange projects. To set them up in a standardized way, we are installing them with some PowerShell scripts.We can do the same for some configuration tasks. Dominic and I wrote a script, which will do some necessary configurations for us. This will save a […]

Our 2nd level support came up to me earlier this week with a with a request about calendar permissions. He asked me if there is a way to get a report about, which user has which permission on which Room mailbox calendar. However, this can be done in multiple ways, I prefer to use PowerShell […]