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At the end of April, Microsoft announced in its Message Center update that Microsoft Bookings, a self-service scheduling tool, will be available for Office 365 from mid-May. Read in this article what you should know about it. What is Microsoft Booking? Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile app for small businesses who provide services […]



Microsoft 365

The first Cloud8 virtual event will take place on May 22. Here in this article I describe briefly what it is all about… What is Cloud8? Cloud8 is a platform that offers summits at regular intervals. Due to the current COVID-19 threat, these are primarily virtual events. All sessions are hosted by Microsoft MVPs and […]




Every Microsoft product is very complex in itself, depending on the role and functionality there are different communication channels and protocols which communicate with each other. The same is also true for Exchange. Although Exchange has been rolled out again as a multirole system since the 2013 version, we are thinking back briefly to the […]

Prolog There are several ways to create a Certificate request (CSR) for SSL Certificates. There are a large number of tools that can help or assist you in this process. Personally, I like to use PowerShell for this. There is a module in my Exchange Suite which you can download HERE and create a CSR […]




Prolog Recently, I have been getting inquiries from customers, who have the following scenario: The environment was originally an on-premises infrastructure. Then the customers have decided to switch to Office 365 and implemented this step as follow:   The AAD was configured to sync the user accounts to the cloud, but without the Exchange attributes.  […]

With Intune you can manage devices and apps of your employees as well as their access to your company data. To use this Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, devices must first be registered for the Intune service. However, there are several ways to register your employee’s devices. Each method depends on the type of device […]

Prolog At this point I am happy to present the third part of my series “Phishing attack simulation”. In this article we will focus on Brute force Password (Dictionary) attacks. A brute-force attack dictionary is an automated, trial-and-error method of generating multiple passwords guesses from a dictionary file against a user’s password. Identical to Spear […]